MEDICAL CARD / PRSI Dental treatments:

At Fermoy Dental Centre we are happy to treat holders of full Medical Cards (not Doctor-only) under the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) scheme. This scheme has been restricted by the HSE since April 2010 and allows the holder only the following services

  • Annual check up
  • Necessary Extractions
  • Provision of Part or Full Dentures (every 7 years or more)
  • 2 Fillings in a calendar year

All other treatments are of course available to Medical Card holders but the patient is subjected to the relevant private fee. Please ask any of our staff for clarification of your entitlements before attending for appointment.

We are very opposed to the restrictions placed on Medical Card holders by the HSE and see a number of medical inadequacies in the new scheme. Indeed, the financial controller of the scheme acted unilaterally in April 2010, AGAINST THE ADVICE OF THE HSE'S OWN PRINCIPAL DENTAL SURGEONS to bring in the new regulations. We urge you to lobby your local TD in this regard.

We also operate under the PRSI Dental Scheme, the Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme (DTBS) which has equally been decimated by the Government in 2010, entitling the qualified patient now to an annual Oral Exam (Check Up) ONLY. Again, we see this as completely unfair.

As PRSI payments have increased, the entitlements have decreased. What other insurance scheme would be allowed to charge you more yet give you less in benefits WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT /OPTION TO WITHDRAW? Again, let your local TD know of your opposition to this scam.