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Welcome to Fermoy Dental Centre, a general dental practice based in Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland. We operate as four independent dentists and an associated hygienist located together in Fermoy town centre. The practice was first established in 1928 and has operated continuously since then with no break in service to the local population.

We pride ourselves in our comittment to first-class dental care with a very competitive fee structure. In the last 25 years the practice has become nationally renowned for Functional Jaw Orthopedic / TMJ therapies and more recently has gained a reputation for dental implant placement.


Along with routine aspects of Dental Care we offer:


Also known as Non-extraction Orthadontics. Find out about your jaws, how they need to work and where your teeth should be to achieve harmony in the jawjoints/muscle/teeth complex.
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Dental Implants

Find out what dental implants are, when should they be considered and what's involved in their placement .
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TMJ Dysfunction

Temporo-Mandibular Joint disfunction. Find out more about a poorly functioning jawjoint and what can be done to correct the problem.
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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti- wrinkle injections, or more commonly known as Botox, are used to combat stubborn facial lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily relaxing the overactive facial muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles such as crows feet, forehead and frown lines.
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