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Below is a basic list of treatments offered at Fermoy Dental Centre. There are many more treatments available and indeed many treatments are varied in procedure, length and materials used. As such, prices quoted serve to act as a guide only and on request you will be given an exact quotation before any treatment is carried out.

Examination / Consultation

A routine check up of the full mouth and jaws, including all soft tissues etc, screening for decay, gum disease, oral pathology, jaw function and discussion of oral health and any other issues the patient may have.

Cost €40 / wit Xays €50

Hygiene treatment

An ultra-sonic and and scaling sessionto remove laque and calcified deposits (tartar) on te teeth. Staining removed where possible. Oral hygiene instruction and advice. Probing for periodontal pockets and disease.

Cost €70


With or without local anaesthetic, small/medium/large fillings in a range of materials, most of which are in tooth-coloured composite. A second or third filling at one appointment will be done at a discounted rate

Cost €90-€140


From straightforward extractions done under local anaesthetic, to surgical extractions requiring bone removal and/or sutures. Aftercare such as dry socket treatment included. Impacted wisdom teeth generally referred to an Oral Surgeon.

Cost €90-€130

Root Canal treatment

Where a tooth is causing pain (either an excited nerve or an infection) or where the centre of the tooth is required for placement of a post to retain a crown, the dentist may offer to perform a root canal treatment (endodontics). Front teeth usually have one canal, premolars two and molars three or even four canals. Sometimes it's possible to do the treatment at one visit, sometimes it may take two or even three visits. All these factors affect the cost. A routine filling will be necessary afterwards, but sometimes the dentist may advise you to have the tooth crowned.

Cost €350-€550


Where a tooth is too broken down to have a filling done the dentist may advise crowning of the tooth. This involves shaping the existing tooth to accept a full coverage, precision-made piece which encases the remainder of the tooth. These can be made of various materials and can be tooth coloured, silver or gold. A front tooth will require additional attention to detail by the ceramacist to get a flawless natural appearance.

Cost €600-€800


A facing, much like a fake-nail, placed over the visible surface of the tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth and possibly to replace existing fillings on the tooth. Usually requires a little shaping of the existing tooth first.

Cost €600.


The latest in dental treatment when it comes to replaing a misisng tooth / teeth or to act as a retainer for dentures. The implant is a titanium piece which is placed surgically in the jaw bone. Once the bone has grown around it (3-4 months) it can act to hold a crown, a bridge or a denture in place. Read more>>

Single tooth implant cost €2100


A removable solution for replacing missing teeth, a denture may have one tooth or all the teeth on the base. They can be made with a metal frame, which allows for less bulk, or from acrylic.

Cost €550-€950


When a tooth (or teeth) has failed and has to be extracted, or where a tooth is already missing, a replacement tooth (or teeth) may be possible by using a neighbouring tooth (or neighbours either side of the space) for support for the replacement tooth / teeth. "Sticky" bridges need little shaping of the neighbours but in many circumstances may not be reliable depending on the forces involved. "Conventional" bridges require major shaping of the neighbour(s), much like a crown preparation and are more reliable in most circumstances. Many factors dictate the price of a bridge.

Cost from €900

Tooth Whitening

Take home kits which act over 7-10 days, usually worn at night or in-chair (Zoom) treatment (1 hour) both which can achieve impressive results.

Cost €150 (single arch)-€220(both)-€300. €400 Zoom.

Snoring Appliances

Appliances worn while sleeping to hod the lower jaw in a position where it does not drop back / open allowing large volumes of air from passing over the flaccid soft palate. Encourages correct (nasal) breathing.

Cost €320-€500


Treatment for an established problem, usually causing some or many types of pain, including jaw / ear pain, headache, tenderness and inflammation in the side of the face, ringing in the ear(s), conjested ear(s), vertigo etc. Read more>>

Cost€from €150

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti- wrinkle injections, or more commonly known as Botox, are used to combat stubborn facial lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily relaxing the overactive facial muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles such as crows feet, forehead and frown lines. Made of a purified protein, they are injected using very fine needles into the target muscles which pinpoint problem areas. The protein blocks the nerve signals which are responsible for muscle contraction allowing the muscle to relax. As these muscles relax, the overlying skin remains smooth. Treatment minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving the client looking natural, younger and fresher. Botox injections are also used to treat Bunny lines (nose), Lip Flip, Gummy Smile, Masseter muscles (jaw muscles for clenching/grinding) and Underarm Sweating. Treatment usually takes 30 minutes and lasts generally 3-4months (this is client and factor dependent). A two week follow up appointment is given after initial treatment to make sure the client is happy! Anti-Wrinkle Injections (price depends on area treated, the number of areas treated and amount of botox required for desired result)

Cost€from €250-500

Functional Jaw Orthopedics ( Non-Extraction Orthodontics)

Correction of a developing or developed dis-order of the teeth where the jaws are also not developing / developed correctly. Left untreated it may not just be an unsightly appearance of the teeth but lead to many other symptoms also, such as TMJD which in turn has many symptoms associated with it. Read more>>

Cost variable but guideline €2000 - €3000

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